Meet the Interactive Reality Displays Corporation – Saranair!

Meet the Interactive Reality Displays Corporation – Saranair!

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HOOQ has just released its very first ever Thai original film, Saranair Love You: A Chef’s Romance, a comedy directed by Mario Maurer and featuring Mario Enrico Collado (performing as the titular character) and Kris Rambo. Directed by Kris Rambo (The Rambo Diaries), the movie centres on an American family who move to Bangkok, where they become the toast of the town. However, life is not all smooth sailing as Princess (Dee Bradley Baker) returns from her marriage to compete in the Miss World competition and Mr. Knight (Jared Rushton) becomes suspicious of their activities. When the pair are kidnapped by terrorists, their only means of escape is through the private airplane belonging to their friend Ms. Sienna (Martina Navratilova), who is assigned to care for them.


As a result of the hijacking, the two are forced to race against each other to save the couple, who are now reduced to adhering to Sienna’s strict religious dietary requirements. The film is not without its faults, however. It’s obvious that some of the screenplay is choppy and the story can be slow. Nonetheless, it’s worth watching because it’s funny and has some good one-liners.


There are many different genres of movies that you might consider watching with the aid of a DVD player. But tech industry insiders will tell you that few films are as hilarious as Saranair. The plot centres on the Princess’ cooking abilities, which are far better portrayed on the big screen than in the small screen. This makes the movie more fun to watch.


One of the things that make tech movies so popular is the use of cutting-edge animation. This is certainly a feature of the Saranair film, especially when it comes to the use of computer-generated imagery (CGI). The effect looks as though it’s directly lifted from a Disney film, but the fact is that tech digital artists worked on the movie in the year 2020. Their work is so realistic, it makes the film look as if it was made for kids.


Another thing that makes Saranair for kids a hit is the use of computer-generated special effects, such as those commonly seen in films like Toy Story. In this particular film, a company worker accidentally deleted a file that inadvertently deleted the memories of an alien creature that was working on the space station. Now this alien has a memory of everyone on the planet (including the company employees) and he’s intent on destroying the Earth. So naturally, every person on the planet has to put together a plan to defeat this formidable foe.


While it may be entertaining to watch, tech industry professionals advise parents to stay away from Saranair. The film features a lot of tech jargon that is difficult to understand for a younger audience. This could translate as a challenge for children to learn, which is precisely what the techies at Disney were trying to accomplish with their creation of the tech digital industry. Of course, the company behind the film took a financial loss on the project, but it still wound up being a box office hit.


Parents will likely be concerned about the language used in the film. “Saranair” is a highly advanced computer language that looks suspiciously like an actual swear word. Needless to say, this will cause many parents to be concerned that their child might use similar words when they get older and start learning to type in all lower case letters. However, Disney has assured that the film’s technology is only capable of generating a level of language that is “close” to the one used in the book. To parents who are concerned about their child’s reading and writing abilities, this might be a plus, as technology progresses.


Overall, the film is filled with action, humor, and entertainment. It might not be something that’s right for your little princess, but it may be something that gets you excited about all of the new gadgets that the tech industry keeps on developing. As exciting as the film is, it’s also a great introduction to the tech industry, and shows how integral it truly is to our everyday lives. Don’t miss out on the most important film of 2020!

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