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All About Tech News Canada

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This month’s issue of Variety Magazine features an article entitled “New Tech News Canada,” which was written by freelance journalist Nena MacDonald. The article is about three Toronto companies that are launching apps and one that promises to get you into the “drink of the future.” As with most of Nena’s articles she seems to have a very hard time making her points and generally writes in a way that makes you wonder whether she might be able to write a good piece for Variety if she couldn’t understand the first place she was coming from. In this particular article she talks about three new tech gadgets.


The first of these is called Chaskatech: an air purifier that claims to be able to remove 99% of airborne germs. This gadget promises to eliminate such things as pet dander, dust mites, house dust, pollen, mold spores and bacteria. There is some information about this on the website, which also mentions that it has been certified by the American Cleaning Manufacturers Association (ACMA). However, as the Variety article goes on to note, the only way to know if this line of air purifiers is actually useful is to get one and try it out for yourself.


Another one of the many new tech news Canada stories this month was about the new Smart House Kitchen Assistants. These are basically robotic appliances that help a person prepare their food in the kitchen. This is somewhat related to the concept of robotic sushi-eaters that is being tested around the world. These tech websites often talk about the potential pitfalls or benefits of this technology.


One of the points of contention is that these are likely to be a bit more expensive than other similar products. The Veritas Cup, for example, costs nearly three thousand dollars. This is a price that is definitely going to put some people off, since they would rather spend less on a non-tech product that does the same job.


Another thing that the news articles talks about is all of the new attachments that are coming out with these devices. For instance, one company has developed a head weight for a shrimp that weighs no more than four ounces. It can then be attached to the shrimp via its spring clip. This attaches the weight securely to the shrimp so that it does not fall through the dishwasher. In fact, the shrimp immediately falls through the dishwasher after being attached!


This is obviously an extremely clever gadget that came out, but is still relatively new. Still, it is amazing how quickly new ideas capture the imagination of tech gadget fanatics. There is no telling just how far these things will travel. For instance, one company has already patented a cool idea for how you can cook your vegetables using your microwave. You basically just throw your veggies into the microwave and let it heat up, which then cooks them all up.


There are other new ideas as well, such as a headband that you wear on your head to increase the intensity of the music you hear from your stereo system. One company has come up with a way to play games using only your mind. It works pretty well too. The mind games were quite a hit at one conference I went to.


These are just a few of the new tech gadgets hitting the market today. They provide us with great entertainment as we become more tech savvy. As society becomes more tech savvy, there are some fantastic opportunities in this field for creative people who want to express their creativity. As the world becomes more tech savvy, more new gadgets and innovative ideas are hitting the market. If you have an innovative product or new idea, consider getting involved with a tech news blog to keep yourself entertained.

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